Project Spotlight

MacLaren Residence Pool/Patio Re/Re
West Vancouver

Complete Re/Re of existing pool, surrounding concrete slab, patios, gardens, etc.

Glass mosaic tile pool interior w/ custom colored hydraulic cements


This oceanside pool renovation was a challenge in many respects. Artisan owner Anton Vogt personally excavated the grounds, shot elevations for new concrete slab surround, pool and surrounding gardens, installed random slate patio, re-shaped the existing pool with Mapei hydraulic pool systems and incorporated a custom colored thin-set in the installation of the glass mosaic interior.


Great care was taken in re-shaping the interior of the pool to allow lines to flow gracefully.The layout 'lines' disappeared completely after grouting.



Over 144,000 pieces of glass were installed in the interior of the pool.


The high-end Italian glass gives the modest sized pool a huge feel.


Please check back soon for more photos of the completed pool and grounds!

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