Resurfacing and Overlays
Microtoppings and self-level overlays produce ultra-smooth or subtly textured surfaces with naturally marbleized or completely monolithic appearances.

  • Artisan CemTone HT - Smooth, or subtly textured hand-trowelled Microtopping. Provides a naturally variegated concrete appearance
  • Artisan CemTone ST - Developed for upscale residential and commercial spaces, this cementitious microtopping exhibits a smooth Polished Concrete appearance with enhanced variegation
  • Artisan CemTone SL - Monolithic, and slab-like in appearance, this Self-Level Overlay with subtle variegation can be honed and polished to any gloss level.
  • Artisan SLA - Self Level Underlayment levels and preps floor for Overlay, or any other type of flooring


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Below are some brief descriptions of how some of our systems work:


Artisan floors are colored using any, or all, of three fundamental coloration techniques:

Integral Color
Natural pigments in liquid or powder form are added to the mix prior to installation, producing subtle tones for a finished floor, or to create a deep base, which can then be topically treated with further color applications. Any custom color can be achieved, as well as, any existing color chip can be matched.
[Color charts]

Chemical stains are applied to the installed concrete surface at the desired rate and dilution, producing subdued or vibrant patinas. Varying application techniques dictate mottling and natural variegation in the finished floor.
[Color charts]

Water or solvent-base dyes are topically applied to the installed floor at the desired rate and dilution. These dyes can contribute to previous colorization systems, or can be used as the primary source for color.

Artisan Concrete Systems' experienced color technicians use these dyes as subtle washes, lending hints of color shading to colored or natural concrete, or for vibrant color creation.
[Color Charts]

Sealants and Coatings
We utilize a broad range of protective sealers and high-build coatings in our flooring systems. Typical applications range from conventional Acrylic / Urethane and Epoxy/Urethane combinations, to low maintenance two-component Urethane systems and abrasion resistant Impregnator /Micro-sealants.

Using the artistic flexibility of colored concrete, our skilled artisans employ stencils, inlays, and decorative effects of all kinds to enhance special projects.

Polished Concrete
Existing concrete is mechanically polished with diamond abrasives and liquid densifiers, producing an extremely hard-wearing surface. Chemical stains and dyes can also be incorporated during this process to achieve the desired look.

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